The BM Café

This venue has stylish licensed café with a gallery atmosphere and experience. Outdoors, we have a patio surrounded by scenic views along Springthorpe Boulevard.

BM Café provides a selection of appetizing foods including soups, roast dishes, pasta dishes, gourmet foccacias, croissants, gourmet pies and pastries, cakes and other delicacies. A range of hot and cold dishes will be available for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. Beverages include Australian fine wines, local and imported beers, non alcoholic drinks and premium Espresso coffee & Tea.

BM Café also provides internal phone in meal orders to all residents or you can walk in and order in person.

Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday, early mornings till evening.
Bookings and any other enquiries can be made by calling at +61 3 9458 1851.

Special discounts will be available to residents of BM guesthouse. Daily specials are available.